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Our Mission –

When you lose yourself to the smooth, rich flavor of Exotic Mango, you know you have experienced Pure Mango pleasure.

Our main mission is to become a medium between Mango Producers who are looking for best buyers and the End Consumers who are looking for the best product in terms of pricing, quality & originality. This will help to provide a WIN-WIN situation for both by excluding the middlemen agents.

With this venture, we also want to create a social awareness for environemental changes and global warming issues. We have taken up an initiative to give a part of our revenues to the Non-Profit-Organisations who are working for the issues like Environment, Climate reality and Nature. This is a very small part which we can play from our end to help create the awareness. Let’s Save our Environment and Our Planet Earth together!!

We are happy to bring up a new concept in our premium category to our customers. This concept is popularly called as ‘Ghar cha Amba’ i.e. Home-Grown Mango, in Konkan region of Maharashtra. We have tie-ups with farmers who give special personal attention and care to their mango orchards as if its his own child. We ensure that we do not deal with the unscrupulous farmers and traders.

Now, you must be thinking what does an Exotic stands for. As you all know, Mango is the King of fruits and Kings are always passionate, rich and exotic, who does out of ordinary things and are not ordinarily encountered. Similarly, we at ‘EXOTIC Mango’ provide you the richness, sweetness, seductiveness of a fruit(read alphonso mango) with foreign character and nature at your door-steps. Hence, our logo has all those characteristics of exoticness.

Everyone values good service at a reasonable rate and here at EXOTIC Mango we are no different. We can promise you will get top quality service and product at the most reasonable prices that you can find anywhere.

We are here to spread the joy of EXOTIC Mango in your and your loved ones life!

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